Bed & Biscuit 

You will only feel guilty when you take your dog home

How familiar is this scenario: you need to go away for work or travel, but you know that leaving your dog in a traditional kennel, with family or friends just is not the safest or most reliable option – for them, for your dog, or for you.

Now what if you could actually feel good about leaving your dog in the care of experienced and knowledgeable care providers in a uniquely different facility? What if, when you came to pick up your pet, you discovered that they enjoyed their stay and were better off for having the experience? The peace of mind you would feel would be priceless.

When you decide to stay at Wet Noses Bed and Biscuit, you choose peace of mind. You choose to unburden yourself of worries about accidents, vet bills, reliability and incompetent care.

Your decision will be reassured when you return again to Wet Noses and your dog gets excited just turning into our driveway, your grin will match that confident wagging tail. You will only feel guilty when you take your dog home.

Reserve today and give your dog the gift of a happy holiday with us.

What you'll need to know


Holidays, we do fill well in advance, so reservations are recommended. Please email to book your Bed and Biscuit appointment with us well in advance. A reminder that we are closed on all Statutory Holidays. Please plan accordingly. A credit card is required to hold a suite for all Guests. $100.00 per guest will be charged in case of cancellation with less than 15 days notice of each booking.

To Book a reservation, we need to know a little bit more about you and your companion(s). Please Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request information and a form to fill out.


Our Bed and Biscuit rates are $50 per guest per calendar date. $45 for the second family member, $40 for the third family member, sharing the same suite. Per calendar date eliminates confusion as you are not charged at all dependant on which time of day you choose for your dog to check in or out. We suggest you maximize their fun by bringing them in the morning if at all possible so they have all day to play.
Please Note:
*There is a $10.00 daily fee for any intact dog older than 6 months.
*There is a $90.00 late fee applied for out of hours pick-up if we are able to accomodate.

*Additional Fees Will Apply for Special Needs Dogs and can not be accomodated during peak times: Intact, Aggressive, Geriatric, etc.

Spaw Services

Grooming services are available upon request. Grooming includes de-matting, anal glands, bath, blow dry, thorough comb out, trim/shave, ear cleaning, and nail trim & dremel. Bath only includes all above except hair cutting.

Please note that if your dog has excessively long nails, we will add a nail trim service to your boarding invoice, to help prevent painful torn nails requiring and expensive trip to the veterinarian, safety to other dogs in play groups and staff, as well to potential damages to Wet Noses facility.
Learn more about our Spaw packages here.

What to Bring

Due to health and safety, we are unable to take bowls, beds/blankets, toys etc.

We have our own supplies for guests use while in our care. All we require is your kibble and/or medication if applicable.


A quality, natural raw diet will be provided for $5.00/lb. Supplements and oils are included and a different protein source is used each day to ensure variety.  We use Carnivora and Big Country Raw products for our boarding dogs who eat raw.  An additional fee may apply to dogs with food allergies or preferances, please let us know of your dog's specific needs when booking.


We require that you package your dogs kibble specifically as instructed.  We do not accept large bags and tubs of food. A fee of $1 per day will be charged if food is not provided to us as follows. Your dogs daily amount of food must be put into ONE bag per day and our staff will half it if an AM feeding is required.  Two bags a day will not be accepted.  Make sure you buy the appropriate size of Ziploc bag for the amont of food you need for your dog.  Big dogs usually require bigger volume bags.  
Click here for detailed instructions:


Medications must be provided in a labelled pill case or  put into a Ziploc bag and labeled with each guest’s name. Dosing instructions must be clearly printed/emailed and include the medication name, dose and prescribing vet. Please no glass containers. If any extra medication is provided, in case unforeseen circumstances delay your return, ensure they are separated and labeled clearly if you wish to have them returned at the end of your pet's stay.

Veterinary Services

We have several excellent on call Veterinarians who will be contacted in case of emergency.

Wet Noses is holistically friendly and supports limited vaccines and/or titre testing and biologically appropriate natural diet.  If you are interested in a holistically minded/raw supportive vet, we are more than happy to help with suggestions.


You may enter and park in front of our double glass doors.

Please bring in your kibble and medications upon arrival so we can check it over before bringing in your dog(s).

Please leave your dog & children safely in your vehicle when you arrive and proceed with check in.

We will ask that you first complete forms and confirm information with us to ensure everything is prepared.

Please do not approach the fence of our Guests, at any time, either with or without your dog for the safety of ALL.

Once you have checked in, please give your hugs and kisses to your furry family members proceed into the building where we will take our new Guest right away for an immediate potty break and to start settling in.

Leash and Collar

Please arrive and depart with your dog on leash. However, for your dog’s safety, you will be asked to take your dog’s leash and collar with you when you leave.  When you pick up your dog, please bring their leash and collar to walk them to the vehicle.  If for some reason you forget a leash, we do have slip leads you may borrow.  At any given time we can have other dogs, people, animals and machines in the area and we want to keep everyone safe.  If you would like to take your dog off leash you can book an off leash park slot to allow your dog to safely explore off leash in our 40 acre fenced area.