Spaw Services

Happy dogs, from teeth to toenails.

You will love reuniting with your best friend after they have enjoyed a doggie makeover at our Spaw. Your companion will emerge pampered and smelling wonderful – with fresh breath, clean teeth and silent toenails.

Because they just love to get dirty at Wet Noses, your dog’s visit to our Spaw is not a luxury – it’s a necessity for overall preventative health and handling experience! The full Spaw treatment ensures prevention and improvement to every breed of dog. Our professional teeth to toenail assessment allow us to mentor guardians through our experience with preventative holistic health care and training. We can help ensure a longer life for your pet and a healthier, more fulfilling relationship. Prevent problems before they start, while saving costs and discomfort to your four-pawed family member.

All of our grooming services are available upon request and can include de-matting, extracting of anal glands, bathing, blow-drying, thorough comb-outs, hair trimming or shaving, ear cleaning, nail trimming and electric sanding service.

*Please note that during a routine grooming service, we sometimes observe medical findings such as lumps or dental concerns. You can appreciate piece of mind, with early detection, having the opportunity to proactively investigate further veterinary treatment. 

Choose the package that’s right for your dog.


No, we don’t do polish, but we do use an electric sander to gently file down your dog’s nails much shorter than just clipping them would, thereby preventing sharp edges and painful torn nails. Long nails eventually lead to deformities and arthritis in the toes – not to mention the damage to your floors and skin! Nails should ideally be trimmed every week. If you can hear them click, they need a Pawticure.

Mini Spaw

We start with an initial overall assessment from teeth to toenails. The dead coat and mats are removed. Then we use gentle, high quality, all natural shampoos and conditioners to clean your dog from ears to anal glands. A full massage ensures your dog receives a thoroughly enjoyable experience and allows the shampoo’s essential oils to do their magic on the skin before everything is rinsed away with our soft water. After drying we use a fine-tooth comb to remove any leftover dead coat – which we are happy to return to you to knit a sweater from if you like! A cleaning and treatment of your dog’s ears, teeth scaling and a Pawticure finish off this escape.

Full Spaw

The ultimate makeover! In addition to everything included in our Mini Spaw, a full new hairstyle is also added. We do it all, scissoring and/or clipping by breed specifics, with a specialty in Golden Retrievers. Even Guardians who think scissoring doesn’t apply to their breed are amazed with the improvement and easier maintenance that full correct grooming brings back at home. By correctly trimming your dog’s four paws alone, they not only look and feel great, but that extra hair won’t be dragging mud and snow onto your floors. Trimming the extra ear hair helps prevent matting and ear infections. We use the same techniques on dogs going into the show ring, because every dog deserves to have the “best” in show treatment.


Many factors effecting price are taken into consideration in addition to the breed of your dog and desired service. The size of your dog, hair type, condition of coat, dental condition as well as behavior all effect the time required for each service. All of these factors also determine what is able to be provided with a safe and positive experience. We would be happy to provide you with an approximate cost for any of our Spaw Service options any time after we are hands on and able to properly and fully assess your bundle of fur. We are not able to provide pricing prior to meeting your dog.