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Think outside the bag.

There are so many benefits to providing preventative and restorative health for your pet, and one of the best ways to do it is to "think outside the bag." Processed food is convenient, but it is not the healthiest choice. Having an indeterminate shelf life comes at a cost. The alternative is providing as mother nature intended, a raw, natural diet that is unprocessed and chemical-free. Dogs who stay at Wet Noses Bed and Biscuit who eat natural enjoy this quality raw diet for $4/lb, with supplements and oils included and a different protein source used each day for variety and nutrition. Many of our guests simply choose to make the positive switch when they come for their vacation getaway. If you desire the ability to support your pet in achieving the healthiest quality and longest life possible, then we can help you to accomplish that. Whether you want to begin early in life to prevent health problems before they start, or to help restore health to a symptomatic pet, we have the alternative nutritional knowledge to help. Our experience allows us to improve and extend every dog's life, and our store carries nothing but natural health-promoting food, treats and supplements. We conveniently deliver FREE to your door so you'll save time and money while your pet enjoys quality food.

What is most important to us is the best longevity possible in our dogs with quality of health. We prefer to pay for preventative health in the most important means possible (diet) as opposed to vet bills chasing health problems with pharmaceuticals and expenses on the flip side of health management. Feeding your dog a Species-Appropriate Diet is an INVESTMENT in their long term health and wellbeing and not an EXPENSE.      

Contact us for a consult. We'll guide you in improving your pet's health.

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Simply choose from any of our easy-to-order packages. (You may not substitute items within packages, but feel free to add on additional individual items from our store.) OR we can simply customize your entire order to fit your dogs special needs as we carry a large variety of top quality brands.

Minimum order for FREE delivery is $150 before GST.       

Delivery is currently Thursdays between 11am - 7pm. Please place your order as early as possible (by Monday morning or prior is ideal) so we can ensure available stock. Exact delivery time is difficult to specify due to constant fluctuations in volume, weather and traffic. If unforeseen circumstances prevent us from delivering before 9pm, we will contact you. Payment is by pre-authorized credit card or cheques only to ensure fluidity of the service for all of our clients.

Natural Pet Food Packages

Basic Starter Package $100.00

Delux Starter Supply Kit $250.00